To the “sidekicks”:


“She’s the smarter one and you’re like her less smart side-kick”.

I remember during a French class in 6th year I was taken aback by this comment that was painstakingly spelled out to me. We were sitting around talking and one girl asked a question, a generic one, one I don’t remember, to which a friend of mine at the time answered. I piped up and contradicted her, as I believed she might have been wrong. Anyway, once I piped up, this girl said: “she’s the smarter one and you’re like her less smart side-kick”. I swear, that comment hit me so hard in the chest because it was not only painful but true. No, not that I was less intelligent, but that I was the sidekick. Continue reading “To the “sidekicks”:”

We walk home with keys between our fingers


A few nights ago, I went out for a few drinks with a friend after work. Typical thing, stressful day and dying for a bit of a bitch and a glass of wine. I love to walk, so of course, I walked to the bar (it was around 7 pm so it was still very bright outside) and looked forward to a big glass of Pinot Grigio. As I was walking up, I thought “how will I get home”, the obvious answer being either by bus or taxi. But it was a beautiful evening as the weather has been gorgeous in Ireland recently, and I desperately wanted to walk home. So I did. Around 11pm Continue reading “We walk home with keys between our fingers”

20 things you should add to your bucket list!

20 things youshould add to yourbucket list!.png

Last Summer, I started compiling a little list of things I wanted to do before I met my maker. I had the stereotypical things such as skydiving and scuba-diving, but then I started to get creative – I’ve always wanted to have a food fight for example! I love food so it’s perfect…Some of these might not appeal to you or maybe this post might inspire you to create your own list and start ticking them off! Life’s too short, there’s way too much to see and do, so here’s a list of things to add to your bucket list and make life as memorable as possible!  Continue reading “20 things you should add to your bucket list!”

Me, My Weight and I.

Me, My Weight and I

Before I tackle this post I would love to address something really quickly. This is one of the very few personal posts I write and anything I write will be written as a positive voice as I’m wishing to relate and share with you all my own weight and body image struggles. In no way will it be just a negative tear down of myself or others in the same situation as any negative comments were previous misconceptions I held about just myself, not about others like me. Another thing I want to point out is that I’m not a large woman, I’ve never had to lose copious amounts of weight but I have always struggled with maintaining a healthy weight and positive body image and currently, I am over my recommended BMI. Body positivity is for everyone, everyone can have their insecurities and reservations about their bodies. You can be large and confident, you can be small and self-conscious, everyone is different, but everyone is beautiful! So with that in mind, I hope you enjoy my post, and hopefully, all of you can relate in some way! Continue reading “Me, My Weight and I.”

14 easy and simple ways to get you motivated!

14 easy and simple ways to get you motivated!.png

It always seems impossible until it is done – Nelson Mandela

Getting motivated can be hard but staying motivated can be even harder. I get it, trust me. Whether it was the motivation to study, write a new post, go for a run – anything – motivation always evaded me. But I soon came to realise that, in fact, it’s a really a mind over matter situation. I tried out simple ways to get my motivation and productivity back on track, especially during the exam season in college. This list I have compiled is 14 easy and simple ways to get you motivated and back on track to achieving your goals, whatever they may be! Continue reading “14 easy and simple ways to get you motivated!”

12 things that drive baristas and waiters crazy!

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Ah, baristas. They hold your early morning happiness in their hands. Your energy drink, your reason for getting up in the morning and being able to face work. We literally face hundreds of people a day and encounter multiple scenarios and while the majority of them are good there are some that are not so good. Just as you may all complain about your office jobs or the classes you have to teach, baristas and waiters everywhere have their own list of complaints and annoyances. Yes, we’re talking to you, you who puts 12 sugars and 30oz of milk into their latte. Here are 12 things that drive baristas and waiters absolutely crazy: Continue reading “12 things that drive baristas and waiters crazy!”