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Hello everyone! 🙂 Recently I was getting disheartened at the lack of traffic and engagement regarding my blog and I was wondering what actions could I take to further engage myself with the blogging community and discover new, small-time bloggers. I feel that bloggers such as myself, get overshadowed by bigger and more influential internet personalities, and then the idea that we should promote and share each other’s work struck me! I proposed in a small post yesterday, that anyone wishing to be promoted simply like or comment on that post and 10 will be picked. Today’s post is focusing solely on WordPress bloggers as I am just testing the waters to see how it goes – if it is received well I will certainly expand to other blogging platforms as previously stated. All blogs mentioned will be from a broad spectrum of niches – anything from cooking to beauty. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Loyola Delicious Life – Loyola Delicious Life is a very bright and inviting blog that provides recipes and gives fantastic tips for creating delicious foods! Inspired by her grandparents and her passion for food, Loyola has made her passion her career. Included in her blog are recipes ranging from vegetarian dishes to pastries, and I would definitely recommend you have look if you are wanting to broaden your culinary horizons!
  2. Written in the Ink – A beautiful and inspiring blog, Written in the Ink posts writing articles (either fact or fiction) about their adventures and life. Motivational posts and heartwarming quotes are a common feature that would certainly brighten up your day. Also if you are cat person you would LOVE this blog: cats are a feature alongside some beautiful photography. Brilliantly structured and with a spot of photography on the side, this is a beautiful blog to check out, written by a very talented writer.
  3. Whatjendidnext – Whatjendidnext is a visually stunning blog that focuses on beauty, lifestyle, and mental health. I love the diversity in this blog as she shows and expresses her passions, and the bravery of discussing mental health is something that needs to be credited for more often. Whether you need advice for how to deal with anxiety, or whether you want to know her makeup routine, Whatjendidnext will certainly have something of interest for you. A very humble and heartwarming blog that I would encourage you to go check out!
  4. A Bit Better – A truly inspirational blog, A Bit Better is managed and written by Yasmin, a talented writer, who aims to make other peoples’ lives a bit better through her writing and experiences. A Bit Better is a lifestyle and well-being blog, discussing everything from skin care to depression, with brilliant tips and tricks posts in between. Using her blog as a voice to express herself, Yasmin’s personality oozes from her blog – I would definitely recommend you check this blog out!
  5. Mama of Kings – Mama of Kings is a lifestyle blog, based solely on the journey of parenthood. They discuss their trials and tribulations as well as their joys and share with everyone their journey with their beautiful children. It is a very down-to-earth blog that would be fantastic for anyone who is new to the parenting world and needs some help or a sense of community. Mama of Kings discusses everything from potty training to “me-time” and I would highly recommend you check it out! Remember, you don’t have to do it alone!
  6. A Brash Attitude – A blog dedicated to lifestyle and beauty, A Brash Attitude is definitely one of my favourite blogs as I have been following Jodi since I began blogging myself. A Canadian blogger, Jodi shares her experiences with sensitive skincare, gives first impression reviews, and beauty tips! The products she reviews and shares are cruelty-free (big bonus!) and are given in fantastic detail. Jodi posts weekly recaps, reviews, and hauls, all of which are a great read and very insightful for any of you who are unsure about products or brands. If beauty and skincare is something you are interested in then pop on over, you won’t be disappointed!
  7. Romantic Love Poems- Words from Heart – If writing and poetry are what you are looking for, then you need to follow this blog. Beautifully written love poems are the center stage of this blog – written with in depth feeling and breathtaking imagery. This is one very talented blogger/writer, so be sure you give them a follow and a like!
  8. LOST IN ARTICULATION – One of the most visually stunning and pleasing blogs in my opinion, and the range of posts is fantastic! Lost in Articulation deals with everything from travel to skincare with a very classy layout that is easy to navigate making the post you want to read easy to find. Her voice and personality are very evident in this blog and if you are looking for a great read I would recommend you check it out!
  9. Sophie harris – is a wonderfully vivid and fun blog that centers on lifestyle, travel and mental health. Sophie’s infectious personality springs up from the first post and makes for a very enjoyable reading experience. She busts myths on anti-depressants, talks about Friends and also gives relationship advice. Whatever your interest, I would highly recommend this blog!
  10. New Lune – If you are stuck on how to further your blog or if you are desperately searching for those blogging tips and tricks, then check out New Lune. It’s a blog full of inspiration and help for any aspiring blogger and contains brilliantly informative posts such as a 101 Guide To Creating A Blog and How To Get More Likes On Your Blog. The posts are highly informative and the blog itself has a bright and easy to manage layout and structure. If you need blogging tips or advice then check this out!

There we have it guys, the first installment of monthly promotions! All featured blogs were tagged and notified, and I would highly recommend you check these blogs out, give them a follow or a like and expand your horizons in the blogging community! Also, if you liked/commented on the post and are not mentioned please don’t be offended! Over 20 bloggers liked the post and only 10 were picked. These 10 were picked at random and those not picked were listed for the next post! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and as always thank you for reading!

J x

* Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash*

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  1. I absolutely love this post! What a brilliant and thoughtful idea! Thank you so much for your lovely and very kind words about my blog! I have to mention that I absolutely adore your blog and I look forward to reading all of your future posts!😊

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